“That Electrifying Sensation”

Pool Party

Sorry, folks, but I’ve taken “That Electrifying Sensation” off Medium to try marketing the damn thing. Medium now has limited how many pieces  one can read per month without paying to join. This applies only to pieces chosen to be offered to members only, but it appears to have cut traffic to the unchosen many, such as myself. Fair enough; they put a lot of work into the site and deserve some return. I’m seeking return too, and can’t get it without traffic, so I’m cancelling the post below and suppressing the links. When anything of mine is published elsewhere, you’ll of course read about it on this blog.

[I haven’t put a short story up in a while, though I’ve been writing them all along. However, I’m trying to sell these to magazines, and editors won’t even look at something that’s already been published, even if only on a blog or Medium, where I’ve posted “That Electrifying Sensation,” just so folks can see what I’m up to these days….

So click on over to Medium, give it a read, and drop a comment or two if WordPress will let you do it….]

Rick Risemberg