Richard Risemberg: Publications

Richard Risemberg has been publishing stories, poems, essays, and articles in edited journals for years, including Snowy Egret, Juxta, Eclectica, Momentum, Cycling Mobility, The Audubon Society Newsletter (Santa Monica),  Terrain, Empty Mirror, and even the Los Angeles Business Journal. Here is a partial list of short stories that have appeared in edited print or online magazines since the beginning of 2018:

Ornery Quarterly
“The Hamster Wheel” (3/19)

Fiction on the Web UK
“Rain Falls Like Rain” (2/19)

Front Porch Review
“The Precisionist” (1/19)

Scarlet Leaf Review
“That Electrifying Sensation” (1/19)

Mystery Tribune
“The Natural Order of Things” (Print & PDF, Fall 2018)

Ginosko Literary Journal
“The Box Man” (PDF, Summer 2018 issue)

Switchblade Magazine, an Anthology of Noir (2018)
“The Price of a Burger” (Print & PDF, Issue 3, Volume 1)
“The Comforter” (Print & PDF, Issue 5, Volume1)


Tree Stories, a Collection of Extraordinary Encounters
(Edited by Warren David Jacobs and Karen L. Shragg, 2002)
Essay, “The Climbing Tree” (Print paperback)


Short Édition
“Noodles for Breakfast” (Finalist, Button Fiction Contest, 2/19)
“The Invalid” (Finalist, Set Stories Free Contest, 12/18)