Why “Crow Tree”?

I have always been amused by crows–by their strut, their smarts, and their sociability. I have many times seen a large flock of crows gather in a tree and yawp back and forth for an hour or so, communicating who knows what, but certainly communicating. Is such a gathering the avian equivalent of our own churches, squares, and corner bars? I suspect there’s a common impulse at work here, and crows, of all the urban animals we regularly meet, act in ways that are most analogous to our own.

Long ago I wrote a story called “The Crow Tree,” which I do not regret losing as it was not very good. Recently I wrote another, quite different, story of the same title, a bit of “flash fiction.” And in 2014, Terrain: a Journal of the Built and Natural Environments published my essay “Crow Call,” which is also the lead story in Our Own Day Here.

And so, Crow Tree Books, where we gather to make meaningful noises together….


Rick Risemberg

Though we may expand our roster in the future, for now, Crow Tree Books exists to publish works by husband-and-wife team Richard Risemberg and G. Stephanie Morey. Each writes in a profoundly individual style and prefers different genres and subject matters.

Mr. Risemberg, in his nonfiction mode,  writes essays on the perils and pleasures of urban life; in his fiction mode, he presently favors literary mysteries that emphasize personal and family relationships.

Ms. Morey favors, in her fiction mode, science fiction, especially stories featuring female protagonists, and in her nonfiction mode writes articles and texts on communication, presentation, and business practices.

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