Journey through the Shadowlands: a Middle-Grade Fantasy Novel

Journey through the Shadowlands, published by Basil E. Bacorn Publishing, is a middle-grade fantasy novel with a social conscience, following a young boy and his most unusual cat through a world hidden underground that threatens to erupt into war–unless Jack and Bear, the peculiar feline mentioned, manage to reconcile a number of ancient grudges, and save a Book whose wisdom underpins all the cultures struggling to retrieve it from a proud and almost all-powerful thief….

(Currently out of print.)


“Now, most people would think that a white crow was simply a black crow that was white, but if you know about these things, you know that there is no such thing as a white crow, and so you know that when you see one, something Very Important is about to happen.”

Jack was chosen for a Very Important Matter, and the time has come for that Matter to be dealt with. With the help of his faithful companion Bear, a talking cat with mysteries of his own, the boy will journey into a world beneath our own. There the duo will meet dwarves, ogres, and creatures of darkness on a quest to return what was stolen and make things right – but will their race through the eternal night of the Shadowlands be enough to stop an ancient underground feud from breaking into full-blown war?