Richard Risemberg in Journals

Richard Risemberg has been publishing stories, poems, essays, and articles in edited journals for years, including Snowy Egret, Juxta, Eclectica, Momentum, Cycling Mobility, The Audubon Society Newsletter (Santa Monica),  Terrain, Empty Mirror, and even the Los Angeles Business Journal. Here is a partial list of short stories that have appeared in edited print or online magazines, or in anthologies and other venues, most of them since the beginning of 2018:

Grey Sparrow (8/20)
“The Air like Water” (poem)

Cutthroat Magazine (8/20)
“Bohemia Street” (PDF, page 142)

Art in the Time of COVID-19 (7/20)
“Epidemic Days” (Kindle only)

The Abstract Elephant Magazine (7/20)
“Nobody’s Favorite”

Rock and a Hard Place (7/20)
“The Parking Lot” (Print & Kindle, Spring/Summer 2020 Issue)

October Hill (7/20)
“Inside the Walls” (PDF, free) or visit their archive and download Summer 2020

North Dakota Quarterly (5/20)
“The Wedding” (Print )
(Temporarily available in free PDF)

Potato Soup Journal (4/20)
“The Mechanical Dancer”

Cholla Needles (4/20)
“Six Poems” (print only)

Brilliant Flash Fiction (3/20)
“Moonlight Sonata” (Scroll down)

Akashic Books’ “Mondays Are Murder” series (3/20)
“The East Side of Pershing”

Night Picnic (3/20)
“The Unburdening” (print only, in English and Russian)

Torrid Literature Journal (2/20)
“The Swimming Pool” (print only)

Backchannels (1/20)
“Vengeance in Gray”

Mystery Tribune (1/20)
“The Meeting”

Adelaide Magazine (1/20)
“The Day It Almost Snowed”

The Thieving Magpie (1/20)
“Blame It on the Moon”

Better than Starbucks (12/19)
“Burn Scar”

Fear of Monkeys (12/19)
“Love in Three Rooms”

Here Comes Everyone (11/19)
“Window Light” (print only)

Modern Literature (11/19)

Down & Out (11/19)
“The Last Word” (Print & ebook, volume 2, issue 1)

Lamplit Underground (11/19)
“The Wall” 

r.kv.r.y quarterly journal (10/19)

Potato Soup Journal (9/19)
“The Living Doll”

Rock and a Hard Place (9/19)
“Field of Honor” (Print & Kindle, Summer 2019 Issue)

Maple Tree Literary Supplement (9/19)
“The River”

34th Parallel (9/19)
“Surface Tension” (Print & PDF, Issue 69) 

Rumble Fish Quarterly (9/19)
“The Ant House” (PDF, Summer 2019)

The Metaworker (8/19)
“Off the Deep End”

The Thieving Magpie (8/19)
A Long Damn Time

Ginosko (8/19)
“The Magic Lamp” (PDF, Summer 2019, vol. 23)

Front Porch Review (7/19)
“Lucky Day”

Bangalore Review (6/19)
“Fade to Gray”

American Writers Review 2019 (5/19)
Beach Weather” (Print, Summer 2019 Anthology)

Short Édition (5/19)
“Noodles for Breakfast”
(Also in their short story dispensers!)

Switchblade Magazine: an Anthology of Noir (2019)
“Prisoners” (Print & PDF, Issue 9, Volume 1)
(Scroll down for links to 2018 issues of Switchblade featuring my work)

Ornery Quarterly (3/19)
“The Hamster Wheel”

Fiction on the Web UK (2/19)
“Rain Falls Like Rain”

Front Porch Review (1/19)
“The Precisionist” (PDF)

Scarlet Leaf Review (1/19)
“That Electrifying Sensation” 

Mystery Tribune
“The Natural Order of Things” (Print & PDF, Fall 2018)

Ginosko Literary Journal
“The Box Man” (PDF, Summer 2018 issue)

Switchblade Magazine, an Anthology of Noir (2018)
“The Price of a Burger” (Print & PDF, Issue 3, Volume 1)
“The Comforter” (Print & PDF, Issue 5, Volume1)


Tree Stories, a Collection of Extraordinary Encounters
(Edited by Warren David Jacobs and Karen L. Shragg, 2002)
Essay, “The Climbing Tree” (Print paperback)


Short Édition
“Noodles for Breakfast” (Honorable Mention, Button Fiction Contest, 2/19)
“The Invalid” (Finalist, Set Stories Free Contest, 12/18)