Writing Coach: the Narrative Art

I now offer coaching and consulting for intermediate to advanced writers working in both fiction and non-fiction (including the somewhat new category of “creative nonfiction”). I can improve not only your writing, but your reading and your marketing skills.

$40/hour for one-on-one sessions, to take place at a neutral location, preferably a local library. Ask for a quote for remote sessions, to be handled via email, Google Docs, and video links

Group sessions to be available once I find an appropriate venue with enough room for four to ten people who will necessarily have to talk a lot.

In Fiction I will cover:

  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Poetry

In Non-Fiction I will help you with:

  • Essays
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Reviews (including book reviews)

In either case, I’ll work to help you find your own style, not to mimic mine.

Contact Richard Risemberg by email at rickrise@earthlink.net to initiate discussions.

I have been a passionate reader and writer all my life. I am a published writer, I have edited online magazines for twenty years, and for three years I managed the Adult Literacy Program at the Echo Park branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. I specialize in working with adults on all levels of reading, writing, and interpretation, especially more advanced work. My philosophy is that each student deserves individualized attention based on their needs, skills, and personality. You will not be given canned lesson plans, though you will have to work.


Rick is the best tutor anyone could ask for. He is well-versed in almost everything I asked him about: literature, politics, religion, English, Spanish, French, Italian…I feel grateful that he’s my tutor. He is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and thoughtful. I leave every tutoring session feeling more motivated to learn!
Rensi Ke

Richard Risemberg has written more than a dozen op-ed essays for the Los Angeles Business Journal in the last 7 or 8 years. He has also rewritten and edited op-eds originated by others. His writing is clear and straightforward. His points are intelligent and persuasive. His work is turned in on time, and it needs no rewriting or even touching up. His work is great and I’d recommend him to anyone. By the way, our publication has been named the best business journal in the country five of the last six years, so our standards are high. He absolutely meets or exceeds our expectations.
Charles Crumpley, Publisher and Editor-in-chief, Los Angeles Business Journal

The Dust Will Answer is filled with adventure in discovering parts of LA as Lenny and Dave search for Kate. The description of these places are so well detailed it felt as if I was actually there. Richard Risemberg left no stone unturned in this amazing tale. You felt every sensation, this tale awoke every sensation for the reader and pulled you in deep and didn’t let go until the very end leaving the reader hoping for more.
Professional review of my novel, The Dust Will Answer, by Ashley Schoen

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