Voices in the Dark

Noir Night Flyer

Will you be in Los Angeles on October 18th? If you will be, lucky you: I am inviting you and yours to a reading of noir and crime fiction at The Battery Books and Music in Pasadena on that very date. At 7pm. Don’t worry; it won’t go too late. Because you may not want to be out alone in the dark after hearing our stories….

Yes our stories…I will be reading too. Probably a chapter from the latest novel-in-progress, wherein my usual chump…uh, make that hero…Lenny Strasser finds that sometimes success is its own punishment.

All six readers have been published in Scotch Rutherford’s Switchblade Magazine, a publication that emphasizes it is “not a literary magazine.” Though Scotch did accept my little tale, “The Price of a Burger,” despite its highfalutin’ pretensions. Apparently it was hardcore enough for a rag that takes the phrase “cutting edge” very literally. Be assured that my story has little to do with hamburgers, and much to do with…ah…let us call them “social relationships.” A hell of a lot happens in its thousand word  length.

So come on down and hear tales of the wild side from the six LA authors you’d least like to meet in a dark alley…. We’ll be lurking at:

The Battery Books and Music
26 S. Los Robles Ave.
Pasadena CA 91101
October 18th at 7pm

About six bocks from the Memorial Park Gold Line stop. Six very safe blocks. You won’t have a thing to worry about–until after you’ve settled into your chair.

And… feel free to download the flyer at the top of this post and print it to show your friends. Bring them along. After all, you know the old phrase: “There’s safety in numbers.”

See you in the dark.

Rick Risemberg