Killin’ ‘Em at Noir Night

Noir Night

Here’s a pair of pix from yesterday evening’s “Noir Night Assaults the Battery,” a co-production (however small) by Crow Tree Books and Switchblade Magazine.

I read “The Price of a Burger,” a story available only in Switchblade Issue #3, along with a plethora of other noir tales; then I followed up with the first chapter of my third Lenny Strasser novel, which is called My Turn to Die, at least this week. I haven’t yet settled on a title, but that one seemed most appropriate to a gathering of noir authors and fans.

No one ran out screaming, and I did sell a copy of Family Ties and manage to ignite enthusiasm among both audience members and my fellow authors, so I’m going to count this evening as a success. There may have been only twelve in attendance, but they were twelve folks likely to be pretty critical of work in the genre, and they loved it.

Besides, the venue wouldn’t have fit any more. Naturally, since it’s a bookstore (and probably my favorite in LA), the aisles are full of…books.

Rick reading at Noir Night; photo by S. W. Lauden.
Rick reading at Noir Night; photo by S. W. Lauden.
Noir Night Readers by Dana Ross
Noir Night Readers: Ashley Erwin, Scotch Rutherford (editor of Switchblade Magazine), Renee Asher Pickup, and Rick Risemberg. Photo by Dana Ross

I’ve been waiting years for a chance to wear that tie….

Rick Risemberg