Poetry in Motion

Lonely Reader

I seem to be on a roll, as they say of both sandwiches and anyone engaged in something more or less demanding: the little poems I’ve been writing whilst in between novels have been garnering a modicum of praises over on Medium.

Medium, if you’ve not encountered it yet (and you may have encountered it indirectly, as several online magazines have moved their sites there), Medium is a sort of blogging platform geared primarily towards serious writing of all sorts: essay and fiction, mostly, and journalism. It began as a way for staff of the parent company to exchange ideas, and was so successful in-house that it was opened to the public. It’s not well set up for poetry, with its particular typographical conventions, but there are reasonable workarounds.

So click on over to my tiny corner of their realm, and check out the first few entries, which are my recent poems, written using a style that I at last feel completely at home in. They will say they are published in “Poets Unlimited,” which is a semi-autonomous Medium magazine, and this is true. It’s an odd sort of interdimensional community, Medium, where writings can exist in two places at once while actually being but a single dataset with clever tagging.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll find a selection of my short stories as well as an essay or two and some comments. All kinds of stuff I don’t have on this site, at least not yet.


Rick Risemberg