In the Material World

"Family Ties" on display

The picture heading this post shows one of my novels, Family Ties, in the new books display at the Echo Park branch library here in Los Angeles. This means new to the branch; the book has been in the Central Library for nearly a year, along with its predecessors.

I’ve also got a couple of small piles of books at Book Show LA, a quirky little shop in Highland Park. If you’re in the area, drop by and take a look at ’em. Did you know, that in a store you can even buy a copy to take home with you and keep forever? (Or till you wear it out re-reading it.)

This amazing modern world….

While my work does not have wide retail distribution, you could change that your very own self, because, you see, all three books are available through Ingram and a few other distributors. You can take the same money you might usually give to Amazon and spend it instead in a neighborhood bookstore that adds both economic and social value to your community–instead of vacuuming cash away from it for Wall Street.

I’ll make it easy for you by presenting the ISBN codes you would use when placing a special order. Little corner bookstores can order in nearly anything currently in print, and will be happy to do so. They might even be able to recommend more books you might like after talking with you–things you never would have heard of from Amazon and its algorithmic ilk, who will just recommend stuff that resembles what you’ve read before. You could discover some brilliant new author–and it might even be me. (Except for me being old and not brilliant….)

So here goes…the secret code that helps you support your neighbors by buying books down the street from your door:

The Dust Will Answer978-1-312-98467-7
Dark and lyrical, with a lingering finish.

Family Ties: 978-1-365-25117-7
Complex, compelling, full of surprises, eminently drinkable.


Rick Risemberg