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dnj Gallery Upcoming exhibition

Although my primary focus is on writing, I am somewhat less unknown as an art photographer. I took a long detour through the mysteries of “writing with light,” as the word “photography” translates when taken literally, and became good enough at it that I’ve taught other lensfolk the intricacies of the craft in both the chemical and digital traditions. But what interests me most in recent days in photography, as in writing, is narrative: what you say with your technique.

And you can have a very small taste of what I say with my technique, and meet me to boot, if you will be in LA (or to be accurate, Santa Monica) on September 8th, when dnj Gallery, my artist’s representative, will include a couple of my images in a group show at their new space. Of course there will be plenty of other photos there, in all possible styles, most of them by people more famous than me. So it will be worth a jaunt to the Westside of La-La Land.

If you want an advance taste of the odd botch that my current photographic efforts have spawned, you can visit my Instagram page, though I warn you that it is in chronological order, an artifact of the site structure, which of course I do not control, and not sorted into the narratives I just mentioned.

Storage OnlyBut really: physical prints, even from digital sources, have much more nuance and simple presence than anything you will see on a screen. And if you go on the 8th (a Saturday,  by the way) I’ll be there and open to artsy nagging.

dnj Gallery
3015 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405