Join Us in Darkness….

Live Noir

If you will be in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 27th, come to  the Echo Park branch library for a night of live noir readings featuring Alec Cizak, who is making an all-too-brief visit to town.

Headliner Alec is, among other things, the publisher of Pulp Modern, founder of All Due Respect, and author of several hard-hitting novels. But he’s not all that’s on offer: local noir wordsmiths Rex Weiner (author of Ford Fairlane), Renee Asher Pickup, Lisa Douglass, Scotch Rutherford, and Rick Risemberg (that’s me), will also be onstage.

There will be a Q&A afterwards for the particularly brave.

Sponsored by Switchblade: an Anthology of Noir, Scotch Rutherford, editor

Outlaw Noir in LA
September 27th, 6pm to 8pm
Echo Park Branch Library
1410 W. Temple St.
Echo Park, near downtown
Free parking, bike rack, #10 Metro bus