A Good Few Months


As I have occasionally mentioned before, I have had a good year placing stories in magazines–edited journals all, not public corkboards such as Medium, where anyone can post anything without the slightest vetting. I do use Medium sometimes; it has its place. But the bar is so low as to be subterranean.

Since I’ve been managing to sneak past editors regularly these days I have added a page to this site to list my glints of glory, no matter how infinitesimal. So if you want to see what I’ve been having published on other people’s nickel for the past year, click on the link below and duly impressed. I hope….

I’ve linked directly to each story where possible, or to the issue that contains my story when the online version is a full volume in PDF. Many of these are available in print as well, and you know, deep in your heart, that print is still easier to read than screen text.

So go on, now; take a look:

Richard Risemberg: Publications

I’ll be adding to the list as I can. There are at least two more stories pending this month, as the editors prepare their journals to see the light of day.

Doing what I can!

Rick Risemberg