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I don’t usually post about stories I’ve sold until they’re actually published, but then I figured, our friends in the movie biz shriek out teasers all the time, so I figured you might like a hint as to what will be coming out in print or pixel in the next few months, even if you can’t actually read it yet. Here’s what’s in the pipeline:

  • Rock and Hard Place magazine just accepted my story “Field of Honor” for their debut issue, due out soon.
  • The Metaworker will be presenting “Off the Deep End,” a quirky little bit of noir, sometime in the next few weeks or months.
  • Noir heavyweight Down & Out will showcase my grim riff on Poe’s “Telltale Heart” in its upcoming issue; watch for “The Last Word.”
  • Here Comes Everyone will feature an experimental tale of mine, “Window Light,” in their next anthology.
  • Ginosko is publishing “The Magic Lamp,” in the summer issue (#23). That will be my second appearance in their magazine.
  • Fear of Monkeys (yes, I submitted to them because the name tickled me) has “Love in Three Rooms” scheduled for December.
  • And Edify should eventually come out with “The Tinker,” though the February issue it was slated for was delayed first to April and then to June, and is still hanging fire.

That’s all for now… Of course, I’m hoping that this post will be out-of-date by sunset…if nothing else, I’ve learned that if you want to get published, get busy: send stuff out, and turn anything that’s rejected right around and send it out again! Of the seven stories noted above, five were rejected more than once before finding a home.

Rick Risemberg

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