More Coming Attractions

Pen & Pad

Well, sometimes journals take a long time to get a story into print…so here’s a list of short works of mine that are scheduled to appear sometime soon:

  • Edify Fiction’s issue originally scheduled for last winter is still hanging fire, but whenever it appears, it will feature my father-and-son tale, “The Tinker.”
  • Fear of Monkeys will publish “Love in Three Rooms” in December if all goes as planned.
  • Here Comes Everyone‘s next issue should feature my brief experimental story, “Window Light.”
  • Down and Out, another noir rag, has “The Last Word” on the docket.
  • Lamplit Underground said they will probably run “The Wall” this month.
  • Wood Coin magazine’s October/November issue so far holds  my story “Nobody in Love.”
  • r.kv.r.y. quarterly is planning to showcase “Negotiation.”
  • North Dakota Quarterly has accepted “The Wedding.”
  • And Mondays Are Murder, an online series hosted by Akashic Books, has “The East Side of Pershing” slated for March 20th of next year.

And if I’m lucky I’ll have more to add before the weekend’s out. (Or, more to add to my virtual pile of rejection slips. But that’s how it goes.)

Rick Risemberg