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I suppose I shouldn’t complain, but September spoiled me: five short stories appeared in literary journals, and several acceptance notices came in.

Of course that was exceptional. In October, only one story appeared, and rejections outnumbered acceptances (as they generally always will, if you are a diligent marketer of your work); November can expect, with luck, two tales to appear. I have nine stories waiting for publication date, one of which is scheduled for November, and another of which is likely. I have one scheduled for December, one for March of next year, and several which will appear whenever the publisher releases the next issue. And one, at a magazine I shall not name, which was scheduled for last February but is still waiting, along with a couple of other delayed issues, an apparent victim of editorial chaos. The website is still up, still handsome, and still occasionally updated,but…three issues wait in the wings.

That being the case, let me encourage you to read the stories that are in fact available. You can read most of them for free, and the rest are worth paying for, especially as they come in the company of other stories, poems, and essays, in handsome full-featured magazines.

Go to my page, Richard Risemberg in Journals, and start clicking. The editors liked them; you might too.

Rick Risemberg