“Vengeance in Gray”

Here we go again! A new story published today: you can read “Vengeance in Gray,” as well as a delightfully long list of poems, artworks, and other stories, in Backchannels magazine. Available online at no charge…so, what are you waiting for?

This story has a bit of history, for I have written two more stories associated with it, and Rensi Ke, a former writing student of mine, has written another. Not only that, I’ve asked my wife, Gina Morey, also a writer, to work on yet another, and maybe some day we’ll see them all published together, as  a sort of prose chapbook, eh?

The protagonist and narrator is quite a piece of work, as they say: bright, complex, but a bit off, as they say. Read with care, okay?

Rick Risemberg