Distraction from These Epidemic Days

Please forgive me for indulging in promotion during these stressful days, but this is at least in part a promotional site. If that bothers you, there are plenty of book reviews and writing tip articles to read instead, as well as short stories published in various literary journals, most of which you can read for free. But if what you want to read are engaging and perhaps somewhat poetic novels, stick with this post. 

Tired of watching reruns during lockdown? Need an engaging distraction from the woes of a global breakdown? How about stories of very local breakdowns in the shadowlands of old Los Angeles? If that sounds good to you, consider my two “literary” mystery novels, available as ebooks on Amazon (Kindle format) and iBooks (epub) right now. They cost far less than a cup of coffee each, and come to you over the wires, untouched by human hands. And you can’t get to the coffeehouse anyway these days!

Follow Lenny Strasser as he roams LA’s forgotten industrial wastelands in search of lost souls, kidnapped friends, and happy endings that always seem just an inch or two out of reach. The Dust Will Answer is dark and atmospheric, taking place in hobo jungles and abandoned warehouses by the enigmatic LA River, while Family Ties sees Lenny up at a blue-collar resort outside the city wondering why his best friend and landlord, Red Henshaw, has seemingly vanished into thin air–only to discover a complex underworld that he needs the dubious help of the Three Dollar Bills motorcycle gang to help unravel.

Download The Dust Will Answer from Amazon  or iBooks

Download Family Ties from Amazon or iBooks 

And stay careful….

Rick Risemberg