My flash piece, “Photographers,” has been accepted into Short Édition’s current contest, and it could use a few votes to help it maybe win me some scratch. Read it (for free, don’t worry), and decide whether it deserves some love and sustenance:


Ultimately, the story might end up in one of Short Éditions story dispensers, which show up in libraries, bookstores, coffeehouses, train stations, libraries, and other like places and spit out free literature for anyone willing to press the button. Short Édition, unlike most literary publishers these days, actually pays the authors that they publish via dispenser, while still giving away the stories and poems. (My earlier entry, “Noodles for Breakfast,” has been racking up reads since last year.)

This story derives from the days when my partner and i roamed hobo jungles all over Southern California photographing and interviewing the kings (and queens) of the road…. Since the contest’s theme is “America: Color it In,” I thought the little story might fit in. But tell me what you think, eh?

There should be several hundred entries for you to read (and vote on) if you feel like more after looking at “Photographers.”


Rick Risemberg