“Photographers” a Finalist

My short story, “Photographers,” is now a finalist in Short Édition’s “America: Color It In” competition, and it could use a few reader votes. So how about you head on over there, peruse it, and if you think it was worth your while, give it a thumbs up?

“Photographers” in Short Édition

Short Édition is the French company that sets up short story dispensers in train stations, airports, libraries, coffeehouses, and so forth, providing free literature to anyone willing to press a button. I have one story in their machines already; I’d love to have another out there. Especially as they pay their writers!

The picture shows me and my buddy back in the 1980s when we were working on the project that eventually inspired this story.

Rick Risemberg

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  1. How lovely! Went over there to take a look. Free literature is a wonderful cause to support. Best of luck and I hope this new story makes it into the dispenser.

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