Two Stories Today….

Two short stories out in magazines this week! Relentlessly submitting good work in the face of constant rejection does have its rewards…because eventually you find an editor who’s looking for just what you’re offering, at the time you’re offering it.

My High Sierras story, “The True High Country,” appears in the “Green Issue” of Here Comes Everyone, an annual out of the UK. This is a nature story with a twist, and an homage to Hemingway as well. This is my second appearance in HCE.

“The True High Country” in Here Comes Everyone

And a subtly disturbing psychological thriller shows up in, fittingly, Thriller magazine. This story can affect you strongly, event hough, technically speaking, nothing happens in it…so proceed wth caution.

“Watching Someone Sleep” in Thriller

These are not free magazines, but they are worth the modest costs, and of course not just for my stories alone; each holds dozens of good tales.

Rick Risemberg