“Blank Wall” and “Mud and Salt”

Two of my recent poems have just appeared in the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of The Wayfarer, an excellent compendium of essays, interviews, poems, and regular columns on a variety of subjects supporting community, conservation, and kindness. It’s a wide-ranging double issue with some hard-hitting pieces on everything from nature to queer life to queer life in nature, and musings on our place as humans in the world that made us.

The official release is March 28th, though you can pre-order it from the published by clicking on the titles; it is in print only for now but will be available in digital as well at all the usual suspects.

A thoughtful, well-designed, and handsome book, carefully crafter and well worth holding on your shelves, or in your hands.

“Blank Wall” and “Mud and Salt” in The Wayfarer

Rick Risemberg