Cover Quote (A Teaser)

With my novel, My Turn to Die, tentatively scheduled for release in January by Basil E. Bacorn Publishing, I decided to start looking for a good cover quote to help the undecided buy the book. I tapped my friend Rex Weiner, an well-known writer of noir and an all-around great guy to share a beer with, sent him a copy of the manuscript to read, and begged for a line or two that might grace the cover of the book when it comes out, if the publisher agrees.

Here it is for you who, since you’re reading this, already have an interest in my work. Of course I hope it might focus your interest on this next book of mine to come out, so, here’s what Rex thought of it:

Risemberg’s epic tale of love, loss, and vengeance in Los Angeles kicks off with a dark sense memory: “Old piss and new paint: the odor of Echo Park,” in the bruised heart of one of LA’s iconic neighborhoods at the tipping point of gentrification. Old families, ancient feuds, bent bikers, tattooed broads, concrete riverbanks, and bloody payback in the pale sunshine make this tense, rueful, and keenly observed story a good ride and a fine read.

Much of the story came out of the years I spent in motorcycle culture in my twenties. I knew a number of very interesting people back then…. (The photo includes me in a crowd of bikers gathered at the Griffith Park Observatory parking lot on a Sunday morning, prior to enacting mayhem on the roads and streets of LA. I think my old friend Harv Woien took the picture, but in any case he brought it to my attention recently.)

I’ll let you know when it’s out!

Rick Risemberg


  1. No, I didn’t take that photo, that’s me in the bottom right. I don’t remember who did take the photo, but it certainly is the who’s who of the Griffith Park biker crowd in the day.

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