“The Service Porch”

After long delays occasioned mostly by Covid, the latest issue of Ganga Review (formerly known as Lalitamba) has seen the light of day. I did not, in fact, hear about it from the publishers, who are intensely modest sorts, but learned about it a few minutes ago when a package containing two copies landed on my porch. This was of great interest to me, as a short story of mine, entitled “The Service Porch,” was deemed worthy of inclusion.

It’s an odd little story with quiet complications, and it’s accompanied by twelve other stories, twenty-four poems, three essays, and four art pieces, and the handsome perfect-bound edition sells for twelve bucks via the link below.

If you’d like to learn more about this spiritually-inclined publisher, go to the Lalitamba website.

Should you wish to purchase the magazine, go to the link below:

“The Service Porch” in Ganga Review

Rick Risemberg