Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances! Lend Me Your Eyeballs!


If you are reading this, you probably have some interest in my writing. And that perhaps allows me to ask you a favor. But fear not! It will cost you nothing and is likely to be pleasurable and perhaps enlightening.

I need more reviews of my novels on Amazon. You need some entertainment. And so I offer you a deal: I send you free digital copies of my two currently-published novels, and you post honest reviews of them on Amazon, if you hold an account there. You do not need to have bought the book from their site. (And no, I can’t afford to send print copies.)

You don’t have to rave about the books: I really do want honest reviews (as long as you don’t actually hate them). And they need not be full-length New-Yorker-style reviews: two or three sentences will be enough.

Here’s the goal: books that have more reviews receive more automatic promotion from Amazon. This has become doubly important now that my day job is threatened by a  bureaucratic restructuring. That unpleasant situation undercuts my ability to buy publicity packages for the books as I had hoped to do later this year.

The books are character-driven, evocative, and often exciting. They have gotten good reviews so far–but not many. They are easy to read on a tablet or computer. So, if you’re willing, write to me at and tell me what devices you like to stare at in the evening, whereupon I’ll send you the appropriate files and, if necessary, links to free e-reader software. You can find my books on Amazon most easily via my Amazon Author’s Page.

When you write me, please don’t forget to name your technology:

  • Kindle
  • Other e-book reader (Kobo, Nook, et al)
  • Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Desktop, Notebook: no software needed, as they include e-book readers)
  • Windows tablet or computer (may need app)
  • Android tablet or phone (may need app)

Then…read, enjoy, review!


Rick Risemberg