Two Modest Updates

The Dust Will Answer Cover

A couple of modest updates for those who are interested in books, more specifically in my novels….

I just dropped the price of my noir novels in .epub format to $2.99 on Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo, etc. This is the non-Kindle format that does not load your reading with ads and other various nudges. Those of you who are Kindle users can read .epub files after converting them with a well-recommended app called Calibre. Any Apple device of recent vintage will read .epub files in iBooks, no other software needed. Any Windows or Android device will read them with the aid of free software from Kobo or Adobe. I’ve tried both these apps, and they work beautifully–clean, easy reading!

Need convincing? After all, I am almost completely unknown as a novelist. So here’s the latest reader review posted on the Amazon page of my first tale, The Dust Will Answer:

“Riveting! I could not put it down and read the book in a few hours over two days. The story of these driven characters is gripping. The descriptions of seamy Los Angeles are really vivid.”

Read all the reviews on Amazon. Then read the book. You probably won’t disagree with the previous readers. You might even want to add a review of your own.

Best to all,

Rick Risemberg