Out Now, Out Soon

Out now:

My short story, “Prisoners,” is available now on Kindle in Switchblade magazine issue #9! Buy it now for less than three bucks (or free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited) and read my story as well as a grip of others by Paul D. Marks, Glenn A. Bruce, John Kojak, J. Rohr, Willie Smith, A.F. Knott, Stefen Styrsky, Fred Rock, Mark Slade, and Jack Bates. And if you prefer to read on real paper, the print edition will be out in three weeks or so.

(By the way, there’s a peculiar typo in the table of contents, which will be repaired soon: my story is not called “Prisoners and Bacon.” It’s just plain “Prisoners.” Believe me, it will be more than enough for your heart without added bacon!)

I first wrote this story twenty-five years ago, before there was much in the way of computers around, then lost the manuscript. Dug it up again recently, and rewrote it completely. It’s a neat little tale of misdirected kindness and the power of bad memories. A mini-thriller of sorts….

Out soon:

Another short story placed! Okay, another two.

“Lucky Day” is scheduled to appear in the July 2019 issue of Front Porch Review. That will be my second story in FPR, after “The Precisionist” last January. If you haven’t read “The Precisionist,” just click here, and it’s yours, for free!

And my flash fiction piece, “Love in Three Rooms,” will appear in the delightfully-named Fear of Monkeys, in their December, 2019, issue. Of course I’ll remind you when it’s up.

But wait, there’s more: my story; “Noodles for Breakfast,” which was a finalist in Short Édition’s “Button Fiction Contest,” garnered an Honorable Mention, and will be featured on Short Édition’s website and in its short story vending machines, which the company places in libraries, coffeehouses, train stations, and other “third places” throughout the English- and French-speaking worlds. (Don’t worry; my story’s in English.)

Things are happening at last in my little world!

Richard Risemberg