Steaming Along

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There is an advantage to habit, or perhaps stubbornness, or perhaps some happy admixture of the two, seasoned with unwarranted optimism: I have finished the second draft of my fourth novel, which will probably be the last of the Lenny Strasser stories.

It is true that I have neither sold nor self-published the third book, My Turn to Die, but I have decided that impatience is not a virtue, and I am quite purposefully moving slowly on it. I rushed Family Ties onto the market in the midst of the 2016 election campaign, so of course it was lost in the noise of that sorry mess, and I am hoping to do better this time, perhaps even find a trade publisher with an actual advertising budget. We shall see. My Turn to Die is gripping, intense, wrenching, and deserves a good audience. I’ll keep banging away at it.

Meanwhile, Stranger Coming Home is more or less done, and is, I think, the best I’ve managed so far. As strong as my best short stories, natural, engaging, and affecting. I almost cried at the climax though I knew exactly what was coming. So now I send it to my editors to see what they say. They are two very different fellows–one lives in the northeastern United States, the other in Australia; neither is acquainted with the cities where my stories take place, and so do not derive comfort from a familiar setting. And neither one knows me personally, only through my writing on sustainable transportation. I look forward to their comments and even their criticism. Especially their criticism. We shall see.

Stay tuned for further developments! (And, of course, announcements of short story publications, at least one more of which will grace these pages later in the week.)

Richard Risemberg