Machine Reading

My story, “Noodles for Breakfast,” is now officially published in the edited section of Short Édition’s website, as well as in their short-story dispensing machines around the English-speaking world!

And it’s also featured in their short-story dispensers, which offer 1- 3-, and 5-minute reads for free at coffeehouses, train stations, libraries, and the throughout the English-speaking world. (The system originated in France, where it publishes Francophone authors.)

There’s a machine somewhere in the Los Angeles Public Library’s magnificent Central Branch downtown on Fifth Street.

They’ve only just arrived in the world of English-speaking readership, but their presence is growing; find the short-story dispenser nearest you here (scroll down), or just read more about their curious machine here.

And they pay their authors…as the kids say, How cool is that!

Rick Risemberg

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