Waiting Game


The waiting game is always a bit difficult: the one, I mean, which you play after the story has been accepted but before it appears in print or online. After all, you’ve already waited weeks or months just to hear yea or nay from the editor, and now you have to wait again and hope that nothing goes wrong between purchase and publication. And some magazines publish only once or twice a year anyhow.

By the way, I used the term “purchase” for its conventional and alliterative values; many literary magazines don’t, of course, pay. The most I’ve made so far, in actual cash, has been the $125.00 advance on royalties sent me by Short Édition, who has put my story, “Noodles for Breakfast,” into circulation in the Anglophone version of its short story dispenser, as well as on its website. Other payments have been welcome indeed, but smaller.

Meanwhile I wait on five other recent acceptances. One of them, Edify Fiction, has me a bit worried, as the February edition, which was officially put off till March, has not yet appeared in May. I fear that a family or financial crisis may have afflicted the editorial team.

In any case, here’s the latest list of upcoming releases, so that I can share the pleasures of waiting with my loyal readers:

  • Bangalore Review will publish “Fade to Gray” sometime soon.
  • Front Porch Review will publish”Lucky Day” in July of this year.
  • Fear of Monkeys will publish “Love in Three Rooms” in December of this year.
  • American Writers Review will publish “Beach Weather” when they are good and ready, as it’s an anthology and involves a lot of work.
  • And the aforementioned Edify Fiction will, I presume, eventually feature “The Tinker” in their next issue, which I hope will come out soon.

If you wish to read stories that are actually available, the current list is right on this website, so just click here.

Whether patience is actually a virtue or not, I am not sure–it is still founded on desire, and so can breed its own variant of frustration. But patience makes the wait endurable, and that is good.

Stay tuned for more….

Rick Risemberg