“Prisoners” Reviewed

As you may know, I have published three stories in Switchblade: an Anthology of Noir, since early last year. Here’s a favorable review of the current issue, Switchblade #9, with this comment on my story, “Prisoners”:

Hank Harris is going to visit his sister in Portland and taking the old country roads from Boise to get there. He makes a pit stop and comes upon some convicts in transit with two cops. Being an ex-con himself, Harris takes it upon himself to do something about it…

Told in a vein similar to Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” Risemberg has created disturbing piece of noir with misanthropes, criminals, and a man who is just bored. This had another twist I wasn’t expecting at all and being set outside of city limits was an exciting take on more “rural noir” that kept this issue fresh.

Read it here: Switchblade #9 Reviewed. (It’s okay to buy the issue too. Really it is.)

I don’t find the fellow’s comments objectionable….

Rick Risemberg