Local Exposure

In this silly new world, “content creators” is an inelegant term that reeks of the business world and its recategorizing of human life as an expendable, much in the way that
human resources” (formerly “workers”) does. But i f you write you are now a “content creator,” and so you will receive dozens of “contacts” (in undebased language, letters or phone calls) offering you “exposure” in exchange for the otherwise free use of your “product” (ie, writing, photography, whatever it is you do and do better than the people nagging you can manage.)

Said falsely generous souls never seem to consider that if they have found you amongst the Internet’s clutter, it may in fact be because you already have exposure. Indeed, what most of us need is money. We have bills to pay.

But there is the good kind of exposure as well–the real thing. that which, in the case writers, exposes us to readers who may wish to buy our books.

And so I am glad to say that my current tomes are now available for purchase on the website of  LA’s finest brick-and-mortar bookshop, Skylight Books!

This is the bookstore where I read in the Outlaw Noir event put on by Switchblade Magazine, just last night. You can have the books shipped, or, if you are local, you can click the box for in-store pickup, allowing you a chance to browse for books you’ll never find at the large chain bookstores or the new Amazon brick-and-mortar sort-of stores. (You can also find or order in the popular stuff as well.)

We’re still working on getting the books in stock on shelves at Skylight, but for now, you can buy my stuff at the same price that the Big A charges, but support a business that supports its local community, and that offers a well-curated collection of fiction, non-fiction, and art books that a glorified warehouse staffed by wage slaves can ever hope to match. (A collection that has been “curated” in the real, not the strawberry-quinoa latte, sense.)

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Since these books are available through the big distributor Ingram, you can order them into any bookstore in the US and many other countries just by asking…helping keep your own neighborhood healthy. And enjoying some good books.