Live Virtual Reading

Live events being off the table for now, Rich Soos, editor at Cholla Needles, just set up a virtual table: he asked all the poets who have been featured lately in the magazine to record themselves reciting a poems and post it on YouTube.

Much to the detriment of both poetry and the Thespian arts, I did so, though, true to form, I did not bother to rehearse. (I did, however, get my hair trimmed. A little.)

Here it is on Cholla Needles‘ website, which will let you view other poets as well and then browse the rest of the magazine:

Open Readings While Sheltering in Place 2

It’s also on viewable on YouTube directly, but there’s better company at the magazine…which, by the way, is worth buying at the very modest price of five bucks; find it on Amazon.

Rick Risemberg