California Dreamin’

Times are tough: not only do we have the new coronavirus to watch out for, which requires constant vigilance against an invisible assailant, but we have the all-too-visible assailants driven by racism, economic elitism, and just plain hate that are attacking our brothers and sisters worldwide, all too often in the “land of the (3/5ths) free.”

Police behaving like goon squads have finally provoked compassionate people of every hue to take to the streets, and in he wake of the chaos trailing after the militarized constabulary’s attacks on peaceful marchers, the opportunistic among us turned to looting, an actual crime often ignored by the cops while they are busy suppressing legal dissent.

Call these harsh charges, or exaggerated, but come with me for a walk in the streets of LA before you say a word.

I’ll understand if you prefer to stay home and read. I’d love you to do it. I’d love you to experience the quest for justice in a small way through my own novels, if you will. You don’t even have to buy them, at least not if you live in California, and possibly in other places: Biblioboard has e-book versions available to any holder of a library card associated with any library in the state. Family Ties, in particular, has a subplot highly pertinent to the sorrows of the day.

Go to Biblioboard. You may have to set up a profile, but that’s free. These are library folks, don’t worry. Your data will be safe, and it will cost you nothing.

Be well. Be careful. Be kind.

Rick Risemberg