Coming Soon, to a Small Screen Near You…in Fact, Probably in Your Hand

Yesterday I was recorded reading a story and answering the usual writerly interview questions by the editors of Rock and a Hard Place magazine, a publication dedicated to “stories of desperate people forced to make difficult choices.” Apparently, they were themselves desperate, and made the difficult choice of imposing my scratchy old voice on their audience while I read my short story, “The Parking Lot,” and answered their questions at far too great a length. Roger Nokes and Al Tucher were the perpetrators, but I admiti that I was a willing accomplice. It’s a good story, set in a tiny homeless camp in the corner of a supermarket parking lot, a story of ordinary people bearing up under burdens of despair that most of us can barely imagine, and rising to enable a quiet redemption in spite of their doubts…. No more hints; the story will have to tell itself.

Both the podcast and the printed tale will be available around July 19th, and I’ll of course let you know as soon as I know, right here.

Meanwhile, you can read another one of my stories, “Field of Honor,” in their grand opening issue number one, available as a handsome print journal and featuring a diverse collection of authors besides just myself, and you can see one of my photographs, a rather chilling one, in issue number 2.

Stay tuned for further developments….

Rick Risemberg