“The Parking Lot”

My latest short story to appear is “The Parking Lot,” available now in Rock and a Hard Place magazine’s issue 3, in print or Kindle.

Rock and a Hard Place is a fairly new journal, just a year or so old at this writing, edited by Roger Nokes and Jay Butkowski and a bunch of others, and it chronicles, in their words, on “stories of desperate people forced to make difficult choices.”

And “The Parking Lot” fits right in. It’s the story of an act of compassion at a small homeless camp in the corner of a supermarket parking lot–an act that some members of the little community struggle to justify. I won’t give away more of the story; if you’re interested, you’ll have to order in a copy (print or Kindle) from Amazon. These folks work hard, as do all their writers (even me), and they deserve the pittance they’re asking for the fruits of their labors. We’re talking three to twelve bucks here, depending on the degree of materiality you prefer for your literary indulgences.

Let me point out that you get not just my story, for your outlay; the issue features nineteen stories and essays, as well as visual art (including several gritty photographs from me).

So keep the economy spinning and the literary arts alive, and buy yourself a copy of:

Rock and a Hard Place, issue 3.

Rick Risemberg