“The Finn Girl, or Woman”

My short story, “The Finn Girl, or Woman,” has just appeared in the first volume of what hopes to be an annual collection, called Fiction Junkie. This is a new effort by a Canadian blogger-turned-publisher, and as I have not yet received my copy, I have no idea what sort of company I’m keeping. However, they have published four or five other assorted books, and they even paid. Not much (especially after the transfer was wrung out by the exchange rate), but they paid.

My story follows a hapless fellow who’s trying to be modern in his approach to love and friendship, and who soon learns that the central woman in his coterie’s life is way ahead of him. A bit of a positive story, quite fun, and different from my more typical gloomy fare. It’s not too pricey; try it out.

“The Finn Girl, or Woman” in Fiction Junkie

The editor of this anthology has published a (written) interview with me; read it at Bloghoarder.

Rick Risemberg