“The Toy Thief”

This is a bit of an odd announcement, as you cannot yet actually obtain this issue of The Awakenings Review on its website–Covid has disrupted the organization’s work so much that everything’s behind schedule. Nevertheless, I received my author’s copy late last month, and, since the rag will probably make it onto their website by the end of January 2021, I’m posting it as my first publication of the year.

Keep checking the link, as it’s a good rag. The Awakenings Project publishes it as part of their support for mental health efforts in the Chicago area, and one of their requirements is that writers should either have personal experience of mental illness, or be close to someone who has. Around twenty years ago I did a stretch with a therapist to deal with anxiety; I’ve lived with persons facing depression; and one of my good friends from adolescence turned into a full-blown schizophrenic during his twenties, as did my son’s best friend. So the editors me submit, and they chose to publish “The Toy Thief” in Awakenings Review, the Fall 2020 issue, which it shares with other stories, essays, poems, artwork, and excellent photographs.

It’s a good story, and it keeps good company in the magazine, so, as I said (anxious persons do tend to repeat instructions, don’t we?), keep checking the link to their archives; Volume 8, Number 2, will show up sooner or later.

“The Toy Thief” (Print only)

Rick Risemberg