“Journey through the Shadowlands” Released!

Publisher Basil E. Bacorn has just released my middle-grade fantasy novel, Journey through the Shadowlands, and it is available for purchase now on the publisher’s website and on Amazon, and will be available soon on Ingram and other suppliers to bookstores and libraries.

Although this is “officially” a middle-grade book, for children approximately 8 to 12 years old, the original version was read aloud to numerous kids much younger than that, and they had no trouble enjoying it. It also contains complex undercurrents that will keep adults interested in it as well, whether while reading it to or with their offspring, or sneaking in a read for their own pleasure.

The publisher’s blurb:

Now, most people would think that a white crow was simply a black crow that was white, but if you know about these things, you know that there is no such thing as a white crow, and so you know that when you see one, something Very Important is about to happen.”

“Jack was chosen for a Very Important Matter, and the time has come for that Matter to be dealt with. With the help of his faithful companion Bear, a talking cat with mysteries of his own, the boy will journey into a world beneath our own. There the duo will meet dwarves, ogres, and creatures of darkness on a quest to return what was stolen and make things right – but will their race through the eternal night of the Shadowlands be enough to stop an ancient underground feud from breaking into full-blown war?”

Let me refer you to the book’s page on the publisher’s site for more info:

Journey through the Shadowlands