Quiet on the Surface


It’s been quiet on the surface here at the blog for a few weeks now, but underneath, the currents are surging. So to give you a glimpse of what’s happening in the depths, here is fisheye glimpse of the near future:

  • According to my publisher, Basil E. Bacorn, the two novels scheduled for the first quarter of 2022 are still on track for release in January and March. This despite some turbulence at the company—nothing drastic but definitely distracting. So expect to see My Turn to Die and Stranger Coming Home in print and Kindle fairly soon.
  • Several short stories await publication, including “Old Man Eating at a Window,” due out any day now in both the English original and a Russian translation in Night Picnic; “Egg Sandwiches” in the Maple Leaf Literary supplement, “Inner Sanctum” in Ginokso, and “The Light Inside” in distant August in the Main Street Rag. I guarantee you I’ll be flapping my virtual lips about each one when it is available.
  • I have three novellas I’m marketing: RootboundAshes, and Breathe, each of them a little quirky in its own way. Basil E. Bacorn is considering two of them, and I’m actively sending all three of them out till  someone surrenders and accepts them.
  • I am steeling myself to prepare a collection of short stories and begin marketing it. Overcoming a remnant of laziness is the first order of business. But I promise, soon….
  • And I continue to write six days a week, early in the gray of dawn, my favorite time of day.

Meanwhile, if you’ve missed any recent publication announcements, click on over to my online CV and choose a story or two to read; many of them are available for free online, and the ones you have to pay for come with plenty of good company in well-produced and handsome magazines. Just to go to Richard Risemberg in Journals and start your browse.

Rick Risemberg


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