“The Lizard Incident”

Here’s a wry little story for you, with a philosophical or lightly rhetorical flourish at the end. To make it even better, it’s loosely based on an actual incident–the climactic turn of events is almost reportage. I suspect you might enjoy it–best receive your existential gloom with humor, con’t you think?

Published in Modern Literature, a literary magazine based in Chennai, India–one of two Indian journals in which I have managed to place stories. No too surprising when you consider that there are at least 125 million English speakers in that vast land, and that their native literary tradition reaches back five or six thousand years.

Read it online for free:

“The Lizard Incident”

(It’s the wrong sort of lizard in the photo, not that that’s really germane–alligator lizards are slimmer, not at all colorful, and burdened with a “hold my beer, bubba” quality of courage.)

Rick Risemberg


  1. I love these once “rad” characters and coming up, Americans coming up against truth of nature. I only had trouble with the cat swallowing the lizard right off. They flip them over then torture and play with them as long as possible while, for us, we tried to save it and can’t get to it cause it runs, then t drags it out, it is horrible. But well done Story. Congrats

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    1. That part of the story was as it happened. My cat at that time never tortured anything, just killed it quick and ate it quicker.

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