Summertime Blues

Even I have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while, though there has been a little news. However, I’ve been distracted not only by the generally miserable state of human endeavor worldwide, but by a close blood relative’s struggle with addiction. And that’s been going on long enough that bits of it have shown up in stories already published….

However, here’s a roundup of personal literary news, since this is a literary blog devoted to my personal writing (and sometimes reading):

My story “On the Boardwalk” will appear in the October issue of Night Picnic, a print publication out of New York. This will be my third story to be published in Night Picnic, one which was published in simultaneous Russian translation.

Another story, “Limes,” dealing in fact with alcohol addiction, will appear in a forthcoming issue of the online publication Marrow, though I don’t yet know when.

And just this morning I signed an agency contract with Basil E. Bacorn to represent my children’s eco-fantasy, “Journey through the Shadowlands,” which he had previously published (and which was beginning to sell, damn it!), until health issues forced. him to close the publishing branch of his business.

And I’m writing, writing, writing. I am working on two novellas (or possibly novels; one is growing rather long), working on them on alternate weeks, in fact. And I have set aside Saturdays as a day to write poetry, a craft I had mostly neglected for several years. Of course I began as a poet and still see myself as primarily a poet, so I figured I’d better write some damn poems again too!

So there you have it. I’m plugging away, and I should have more news for you soon.

Rick Risemberg