I’ve Got Mine…Now Get Yours!

I received my copy of American Writers Review at last, in yesterday’s mail, and it is a handsome anthology: well-bound, with a good cover, and easy to read inside (despite the sans-serif font). Of course I recommend you buy it for my story, “Beach Weather,” alone, but…note the back cover: you get a lot of reading for your fifteen bucks! And not just short stories, but essays and poems, photos and other artwork, from a wide range of writers and artists. A carefully-curated anthology, something to keep with you for a lifetime.

Available, as is inevitable for now, on Amazon.

There are three or four other Los Angeles writers featured in it, and we are in the process of planning a group reading at a library or bookstore soon, perhaps more than one. Tentative dates are in August or September. Stay tuned for news….

Rick Risemberg