“The Rescuer”

My short story, “The Rescuer,” has just appeared in issue #29 of The Evening Street Review. this is one of what I call my “River city” series, set in a town based on Portland, Oregon, which I know fairly well, having spent a great deal of time there on numerous visits over the last forty years. (The first story set there is “The River,” which appeared in the Maple Leaf Literary Supplement in 2019. I plan more.)

“The Rescuer” hints at joblessness, homelessness, depression, friendship, compassion, and more, but trends towards a decidedly non-standard solution to the dilemma the narrator encounters when the action begins.

…And I won’t say more, so you can enjoy the unfolding of the story in your own way, if you read it.

And you can buy the issue that features it in a handsome paper edition or ebook versions, or read it online on Scribd.

“The Rescuer” at Evening Street Review.