A Sudden Setback


A few weeks ago, my trade publisher, Basil E. Bacorn, announced that he was shutting down the publishing company as a result of repeated health problems. This means that the books we had contracted for will not appear at the expected times, and all rights to them will revert to me on March 1st of this year. It also means that the children’s fantasy novel will no longer be available after that date.

So, I will be looking for another publisher, and eventually an agent. Mr. Bacorn did say that he would form a small agency himself and represent a limited number of books, including the children’s novel, Journey through the Shadowlands, which he says had been picking up more sales recently, and my dark noir mystery, My Turn to Die.

Given that I don’t want to waste more time on false hopes, I have already sent out query letters to other publishers for My Turn to Die and another manuscript, Stranger Coming Home. I do expect to find a trade publisher for these and for my three novellas sometime relatively soon.

And I am writing two new novels right now, working on them on alternate weeks. It doesn’t pay to give up.

Whatever happens, you’ll hear about it on this page eventually.

Rick Risemberg

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